Adding Events

Step 1: navigate to -- click the login button top right.

Step 2: login using your email.

Step 3: Select club contour (should be the only website available for you).


Step 4: Click 'pages' in the left bar menu.

Step 5: This opens the page architecture -- don't worry about most of this.

Step 6: Scroll down and click on 'Club Events' in the left sidebar.

Step 7: Click the little '+' icon in the left sidebar.

Step 8: Enter name of event and description

Step 9: You can also add images to the description by clicking the little teardrop icon.

Step 9: Select image from the pop-up menu.

Step 10: Upload image by clicking 'Add an image' square.

Step 11: Click apply.


Step 12: Select options to change calendar thumbnail.

Step 13: Click 'Add an image' to upload thumbnail.


Step 14: Add a description you want shown in the flyout.


Step 15: Share directly to Facebook by connecting your account.

Step 15: List of events will be shown in the left sidebar where you can edit or delete.