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Have you ever experienced TRUE LEVEL? Have you ever wondered how a plumbus is made? Do you ever look at squirrels and think maybe, just maybe, they are actually pulling the strings behind the curtain? Don’t look too long, they might notice. 

If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, then we have a multidimensional party for you! Drop your Jerry off at the nearest Jerryboree on December 8th and come carpe some diems on the most level dance floor this version of you has ever felt!* No portal juice is required for this one, we’re bringing the multiverse to you at Club Contour for a night to rick in the holiday season with no shortage of mindbenders and gobbledegooks from 10pm to close. Get you beak wet with a cool glass of shleem, kick it with gearhead till he falls apart, or get some perspective from a mind reading fart! Whatever your after, wabadubadubdub your booty on down here! We might all just be an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows us, but thats why I always say, Shlum Shlum Shlippity Dop!

And thats the waaaaaaaaaaaaayayyyyyyyyy you find the set list:

FCFarrar 10:00-10:50
N3W Order 10:50-11:40
Shoopolish 11:40-12:30
Heatcheck 12:30-close

Ages 21+ only, Ticket price is Free fifty free!!!!! That is, unless you're a shmoopydupe, in which case we'll charge a $765 cleaning fee

Peace among worlds my friends, and squantch wisely…
And for the love of god if you find a pickle, make sure its not alive before you try to eat it. 

*we make no representations or warranties expressed or implied regarding the actual true levelness or lack thereof of this dance floor nor any other.*

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