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NorthLeft 014: Saints & Sinners

**NorthLeft 014: Saints & Sinners | Club Contour | Saturday 11/9/2019, 10PM - 2AM**

Since our inception, NorthLeft has been an unabashed, unapologetic anomaly within the Seattle electronic music scene. We were founded first and foremost on a philosophy that is derived from the quintessential Old Seattle ideology of embracing art and music that is underground, alternative and which is uniquely Northwest. We’re dedicated to making our own rules and avoiding the pitfalls of following the status quo so we can bring you truly unique experience at every one of our events.

We value excellence and diversity over conformity and while there have been times we’ve suffered because of our dedication to this philosophy, we have never wavered from this core belief. We are dedicated to bringing you a wide spectrum of sounds from the very best DJs Seattle has to offer at every event as well as the preservation of the future of Seattle’s unique sound with the introduction of our second show, Progressions, which spotlights talented unknown local DJs every month.

NL14’s lineup exemplifies our core beliefs: A rare performance by a brilliant DJ for her first NL appearance, a team of truly gifted DJs with two of the most diverse repertoires in Seattle, a mainstay firebrand of Seattle techno and a dynamic duo that embrace all that is dark and 4/4, unconstrained by traditional genres.

Aundrea (1Luv)
The addition of Aundrea to one of our lineups has been long awaited and, because she only does a limited amount of appearances, it makes this performance all the more special. A pivotal member of 1Luv, a crew that is near and dear to us, Aundrea is a master of house music, specifically tech house. However, her brand of tech house is not in the vein of the overly funky sound that is considered tech house by today’s standards. Rather, her sets have an underground edge to them. When behind the decks, Aundrea’s on stage persona shines bright and radiates through the crowd. We are excited beyond words to finally have this great talent at one of our shows.

*Miss Min.D & Hector Rodriguez*
Combined, few can match the arsenal of styles these two DJs can draw from. At Northleft, we give our performers complete artististic freedom so left to their own devices, who knows how their set will evolve. It’ll be a must see performance.

Miss Min.D (Fraktured | Soft Option DLC)
Miss Min.D easily has one of the most diverse and unique palates amongst Seattle DJs with track selections that draw from UK Hard House, Electro House, Disco swing house, Booty Breaks and Liquid Drum and Bass. Her style and presence behind the decks is a force to be reckoned with and has made her one of the most beloved performers in Seattle. Over more than a decade, Miss Min.D has become a prolific local DJ with a well deserved reputation for track selection and an unmistakable energy.

Hector Rodriguez (Underscore_Records | DLC)
A frequent performer at major events and venues around Seattle and a tireless supporter of the Seattle scene in general, Hector embodies the kind of diversity that we here at NorthLeft value so much. His style can range from the funkiest of house to the darkest of techno. His track selection and technical ability are second to none and while his portfolio of various genres is quite large, Hector especially excels in his execution of house music with sets that have his own undeniable signature to them, pushing the genre to its underground peripheries.

Yamanaka (DEPTH | Minds At Large)
By now, it shouldn’t come as a shock that a member of the DEPTH crew is featured in one of our lineups, but its always exciting when can count the heavy hitting co-founder of DEPTH, Yamanaka, as part of our lineup. While having a scholarly knowledge of the entire spectrum of techno and its sub-genres, he specializes in the faster and harder regions of the genre. Yamanaka prides himself on being an improvionest, letting the crowd lead his sets in their progressions.

*ZOF & Shamrock*
Together again for their third performance together, you will not find two people who are more juxtaposed with one another on the surface yet that are completely in sync musically. These Seattle natives both share a passion for the darkside of 4/4 and unapologetically brush off being pigeonholed by genres in pursuit of their sound.

ZOF (Desert Hearts | Hood Politics | Bottom Feeder | Brashbeats)
Unassuming, thoughtful and intelligent, Zoe Roubanis (AKA ZOF) transforms into a monster when she’s behind the decks. A classically trained pianist, she has the rare ability to look across a wide spectrum of tracks, transcending and unconstrained by genres, when she creates sets. She melds the darkness of techno with the soul of house music, creating her own unique 4/4 sound.

Shamrock (NorthLeft | PiUnLTD)
Founder of NorthLeft, Shamrock is a firebrand of a hybrid 4/4 style of electronic music which is a darker, heavier variation of mainstream tech house and follows in the lineage of the original blueprint for tech house as laid out by DJs such as Digweed, Quivver, Dave Seaman and Jimmy Van M. Shamrock’s sets blend progressive house with deep, minimal and hard techno resulting in a room shaking sound.

Club Contour
807 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

Saturday, November 9, 2019
10PM - 2AM
Advanced Ticket: $10
Door: $15

Earlier Event: October 10
Later Event: October 11
Asylum Fetish Night